About Us

From the people behind The Toxic Gamer

The Toxic Gamer team is a group of toxic gamers who are sick and tired of all the issues in the gaming industry. Like games copying each other and pretending to be inventing “sub-genres”. We are sick of critics who get paid to give some games higher scores than they deserve. The stupid act of review bombing is something we can never tolerate. Hideo Kojima hype is our worst nightmare. We hate EA, In addition to hating fallout 76. The gaming industry is like Hollywood these days. The companies that can market their games better win the race and collect the 60 dollars from your poor wallet.

Why should companies make the same game every year with stupid microtransactions and still get tons of money out of it?. Also, when did multiplayer and pushing everything into e-sports become the new standard?. And why the fuck is Fortnite so popular? Even text correction detected the lowercase “f” in “Fortnite” and corrected it on its own. WOW! It is so sad, the most hated game is also the most popular and it keeps getting awards every year.

We decided to do something about this

We came together, angry as we always are, raging like molten lava, and decided to do something. Every single one of us is a natural-born gamer. Since all we do is talk about games… and women. But mostly games though. We wanted to talk to our comrades in the gaming universe. Share our opinions of the current games. In addition to reviewing titles and being very salty about it.

The Toxic Gamer

We want to spread our toxin to every gamer out there. Give the toxic power of just destroying every game that we don’t like to you. Developers, be cautious, we are brutally honest and we prefer to hate your game before we like it. So we expect your best in every game you make. Big publishers, mark our words, you may buy out big critics who don’t even play the games, But you will NEVER change our voice. Here on the Toxic Gamer We will play, review, and give you hell. Count on it.

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