After Deceiving People With a Fake Interview With Kim Jong Un, Adin Ross Breaks the Kick Record

Adin Ross has long been associated with Kick, and today, his latest streaming stunt solidified this reputation, for better or worse.

The popular streamer achieved a new record on the Kick platform, drawing in over 330,000 viewers for what was purported to be an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. However, as expected, this supposed interview never materialized.

Rather than engaging with the notorious dictator, Adin hired an impersonator to play the role, and once it became apparent that the interview was not what it seemed, viewership rapidly declined.

Despite this, Adin is likely to view this stunt as a success due to the attention it garnered for his Kick channel. The viewership record was shattered even before the commencement of the interview hoax, and since its conclusion, Adin has been trending on various social media platforms.

It’s worth noting that 330,000 viewers not only sets a record for the relatively new streaming platform Kick but also represents a personal best for Adin, surpassing his previous highest viewership on Twitch. During his Twitch streaming career, his peak viewership occurred in 2022 when he attracted 266,000 viewers, according to Twitchtracker.

While many streamers who transition from Twitch to Kick experience a decline in viewership, Adin has been a unique case, where his numbers have either increased or, at the very least, remained stable.

However, Adin’s move to Kick has not been without its challenges. He has been embroiled in several controversies on both his streams and social media over the past year, some of which resulted in suspensions from streaming.

As for what Adin will do next to top this milestone or what kind of prank he might devise, only time will tell.

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