All MW3 Aftermarket Parts and How to Unlock Them

How can you access aftermarket parts in MW3? Modern Warfare 3 introduces a new feature with aftermarket parts, which are modifications to your weapons that significantly alter their functionality. While the primary objective of dealing damage to your enemies remains unchanged, aftermarket parts allow you to transform how this is achieved in a rather dramatic manner.

With the release of Modern Warfare 3, a range of standout weapons has emerged, with the Striker 45 currently holding the top position. The question arises: what happens when MW3 aftermarket parts become available? Could another weapon surpass the Striker 45? In this guide, we outline all the known Modern Warfare 3 aftermarket parts and provide information on how to unlock them.

All Modern Warfare 3 aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts in Modern Warfare 3 are an additional layer of customization, they are complete conversation kits you can unlock for certain weapons that affect how the weapon performs, looks, and how you can further customize it.

These aftermarket parts are unlocked by ranking the gun to its maximum level. Once the gun has been maxed out, you can transform your weapon into something remarkably different.

Here is every aftermarket conversation in MW3:

Rennetti Handgun with Full-Auto Carbine

The Full-Auto Carbine aftermarket conversion for the Renetti transforms the handgun from a burst first secondary into a fully-equipped SMG. With a 3D printed frame surrounding the base body, the Full-Auto Carbine gives you additional customization options, such as a stock, and an underbarrel attachment.

Pulemyot LMG Jak Annihilator

The bullpup aftermarket conversion kit for the Pulemyot LMG transforms the weapon from a bulky, low-mobility weapon into a much more agile assault rifle. Shortening the barrel and lightening the main body of the LMG allows for a much higher movement speed, ADS speed, and primes the Pulemyot for the smaller MW3 maps like Rust.

MCW Jak Raven Kit

The Jak Raven Kit for the MCW replaces the gun’s body so it can fire .300 rounds, adding damage to an already formidable weapon. You lost recoil control, and some range, but this aftermarket conversation more than makes up for that with its close-range shredding capability.

MTZ 762 Jak Heretic Carbine Kit

This conversation for the MTZ 762 increases the rate of fire of the rifle, and the mobility of your operator, at the expense of damage and bullet velocity. One for mid to close-range encounters, this aftermarket part creates a mobile, CQB monster.

WSP 9 Broodmother 45 Kit

The Broodmother 45 kit is an interesting conversion that completely changes the WSP 9, taking it from a fast-firing SMG to a hard-hitting, almost assault rifle-like gun. Fire rate is slowed down but damage has been vastly increased while still maintaining the innate mobility you get from using an SMG.

DG 58 LSW Jak Nightshade Rifle Kit

The Jak Nightshade Rifle Kit completely transforms the DG 58 LSW, increasing the rate of fire to almost ludicrous proportions. The recoil control takes a huge hit as a result, but if you can land your shots, you’ll win any gunfight that comes your way.

MCW 6.8 Full-Auto Conversion

This full auto conversion takes what is already a devastating weapon and turns it up to 11. The recoil control can be a problem, but the fire rate isn’t too heavy, making it manageable. Land a few shots in quick succession with the MCW 6.8 and your enemies will rue the day they crossed your path.

Cor 45 XRK IP V2 Conversion Kit

While it may look like a ray gun from the future, this conversion kit for the Cor 45 is very real and absolutely devastating. The XRK kit adds an interesting firing mechanic whereby a round is fired when you press the trigger, and then another is loosed when you let go, meaning that you can unleash a barrage with a few clicks that nobody is coming back from.

Those are all of the MW3 aftermarket parts we know of. In the meantime, check out our full list of MW3 guns and pick out your favorite, see which actors have returned with our MW3 cast list, and read up on how the Modern Warfare 3 crossplay system works so you and your buddies can play together.

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