All MW3 Codes November 2023 – Call of Duty Redeem Code Guide

What are the present redemption codes for Modern Warfare 3? Call of Duty redemption codes are typically infrequent, but when available, they offer valuable in-game items such as camos, weapon blueprints, XP tokens, calling cards, and more.

In the realm of live service games, the focus is often on acquiring the latest gear, and Modern Warfare 3 is no exception. With the presence of notable figures like Nicki Minaj, Homelander, and Captain Price in the same lobby, showcasing your newest skin, camo, tracer weapons, and other customization options has become increasingly significant. While the Modern Warfare 3 Battle Pass provides a method to acquire these unique items, unlocking MW3 camos through challenges, entering Modern Warfare 3 codes is perhaps the easiest way to get freebies.

New MW3 codes

There are no Modern Warfare 3 codes available right now after the popular code below was removed on November 15, 2023. We’ll update this guide as soon as any new codes become available.

While you wait for new codes, you can always check out current Modern Warfare 3 Twitch drops, and earn free in-game items for watching your favorite CoD streamers.

Expired Modern Warfare 3 codes

  • 559Q-RXGN4-JZPP

How do I redeem Call of Duty codes?

To redeem a code in Modern Warfare 3, or any other Call of Duty game:

  • Head to the Call of Duty redeem code site.
  • Log in to your Call of Duty account.
  • Enter the code.
  • Click Submit.
  • Find your items in-game.

Be sure to log in to the same Call of Duty account you use to play the game, or your items won’t be available.

That’s all you need to know about Modern Warfare 3 codes right now, and how to redeem Call of Duty codes. Just remember that camos and XP tokens are of little use unless you’ve got the best MW3 guns equipped. And, speaking of tokens, find out how to get more MW3 double XP tokens, battle pass tokens, and more in our dedicated guide.

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