Burnout, Ridge Racer, and Outrun live on in ‘90s racing game from Epic

The one I keep in mind is Ridge Racer. When I first played the PlayStation port in 1995, it was quick, fluid, and bursting with raw energy and primary colours, and it was unlike anything I had ever seen. Burnout followed. Burnout seemed like the resuscitation of Outrun after Gran Turismo, which added an astounding and more serious depth to the racing game. You simply put the pedal down, take in the music and the ambiance, and try not to crash. I long for racing simulators from the 1990s and their simplicity, vibrancy, and excitement at high speeds. It’s a good thing, then. One of the best racing games in the last five years and a tribute to the golden age of the genre is Horizon Chase 2.

Horizon Chase 2 embodies the arcade; the simple to play but difficult to master racing reflexes required for something like Daytona USA or Crazy Taxi. There’s no barrier to entry, no fussy tuning or set up – you just jump into a supercar and hit the road. But this isn’t a casual thing. Cornering takes precision, overtaking can be lethal, and you need to find the ideal racing line if you ever want to win.

There’s a pulsing soundtrack, dozens of international locations with changing weather, and extremely difficult challenge runs that test specific racing skills. You’ve also got crossplay multiplayer and an extensive, single-player World Tour mode, where you can unlock new gear and completely overhaul your car’s look and visual style.

A loving homage to ‘90s racers, but with the challenging mechanics and fine-tuned learning curve to challenge modern, genre veterans. Horizon Chase 2 is available right this second on the Epic Games Store.

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