Cities Skylines 2 DLC Delayed as CO Identifies 100 Different Bugs

Cities Skylines 2 DLC, which includes asset and creator packs, is facing a delay as Colossal Order prioritizes addressing 100 identified and reproduced bugs in the new building simulator. The creator of CS2 had previously stated that DLC would only be released once they were satisfied with the game’s performance. Colossal Order has now provided more information on the technical issues affecting Cities Skylines 2 and outlined its plans for resolution, indicating that several DLC releases “will not be landing in the originally promoted schedule.”

While the base game introduces new features and tools compared to CS1, post-launch materials for Cities Skylines 2 are expected to offer additional building options, landscapes, resources, and more to keep the game thriving. Despite Cities Skylines 2 mods providing solutions for some building and management challenges, technical problems persist. Colossal Order has identified 100 reproducible issues in CS2 and is actively addressing them.

The developer acknowledges reports of bugs from players and is currently investigating around 100 issues that require further information. Additionally, the team is dealing with duplicates and considering suggestions for improvement or new features, though these are currently of lower priority.

Colossal Order is specifically addressing in-game mail and citizen pathfinding issues, as well as investigating the exporting and distribution of manufactured goods outside of cities. The developer emphasizes its commitment to delivering the promised DLC content but acknowledges the delay, emphasizing the importance of not rushing new content before ensuring the base game is ready.

The first asset pack, Beach Properties, originally scheduled for Q4 2023, will now be released in Q1 2024. Similarly, the creator packs, initially expected in Q1 2024, have been postponed to Q2 2024. The game’s first medium expansion remains on track for Q2 2024.

Paradox, the publisher of Cities Skylines 2, supports the decision to delay content releases, emphasizing their focus on improving game performance for a seamless and optimized player experience.

Colossal Order is concentrating on enhancing CPU and GPU performance, as well as refining the level of detail on in-game assets. The developer anticipates that this process may require multiple patches. The focus includes addressing GPU performance by adding missing level of detail (LOD) models and improving existing ones, followed by improvements to CPU performance to tackle stutters and enhance simulation speed. The goal is to provide a smoother experience as players scale up the size of their cities.

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