Cities Skylines 2 Still Has a Feature We Thought Was Removed

The base game of Cities Skylines 2 introduces numerous features that players have longed for since the release of CS1. Notably, the traffic system has been completely revamped, allowing cars to utilize all lanes, roundabouts are now available, and constructing highway ramps has become more straightforward, among other improvements.

However, as the release date of Cities Skylines 2 approaches, it initially appeared that one crucial building feature might be absent from CS2. During a recent livestream by Colossal Order, the creators of Cities Skylines 2, contour lines, which help depict variations in terrain elevation and gradients, and thus aid in precise building placement, were confirmed to be missing at launch. Nevertheless, a recent update from the game’s developers hints at a different scenario: Cities Skylines 2 may indeed feature contour lines from the outset.

As we’ve learned more about Cities Skylines 2, including its maps and potential DLCs, it’s becoming evident that this management game sequel offers the improvements and enhancements we’ve been eagerly anticipating. With dynamic seasons, traffic incidents, and a more intricate and detailed economic system, CS2 is shaping up to be the sequel we’ve all been hoping for.

Nonetheless, Colossal Order had previously stated that contour lines, an essential tool for better terrain understanding and building placement, would not be included in the base game of Cities Skylines 2, which left many fans concerned. However, the latest information from the developers suggests that contour lines might indeed be present in CS2 at its launch.

In a recent post on X (formerly known as Twitter), Colossal Order shares insights into the terraforming tools in Cities Skylines 2. These tools allow players to add trees and brush to create scenic areas and more. If you closely examine the accompanying screenshot, you’ll notice the presence of visually appealing contour lines.

This implies that contour lines may be available in Cities Skylines 2 from the very beginning. Alternatively, this screenshot could be from an updated version of the game to be released after the initial launch of Cities Skylines 2. Regardless, it’s apparent that contour lines are on their way, and whether they arrive at release or shortly thereafter, players can look forward to this valuable feature.

In preparation for Cities Skylines 2, it’s essential to ensure that your PC meets the system requirements. Additionally, you can explore the latest Cities Skylines mods to enhance the original game while eagerly awaiting the sequel.

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