End of an Era: TSM’s Elimination From the LCS Shocked League of Legends Fans

TSM has officially made the decision to depart from the LCS, marking the end of an era as they seek to fulfill their aspirations of winning the League of Legends World Championship. This move has left both professional players and fans deeply saddened.

TSM’s journey in League of Legends dates back to the inaugural Riot Season One Championship in 2011, and over the years, the organization has garnered a strong following among LCS enthusiasts. Nevertheless, despite their dedicated efforts, TSM faced numerous setbacks and fell short of reaching the World Championship stage. In pursuit of their ambitions in another prominent region, the organization is said to have traded its LCS spot to Shopify Rebellion for a reported $10 million, a development that has left fans heartbroken.

The announcement has understandably left a significant impact on League of Legends fans. Some have even contemplated discontinuing their viewership of the esport, while others are simply in a state of shock and mourning. Many gaming enthusiasts revealed that their love for League of Legends and its esports scene initially blossomed through TSM, and they cherish numerous fond memories of the team that has been part of the scene for the past 11 years. In certain instances, fans have been unwavering in their support since day one, and the news of TSM’s departure is so devastating that it has raised concerns about potential viewer attrition for the LCS.

While TSM’s decision to withdraw from North American competition was announced back in May 2023, specific details about the timing were not provided at that time. Consequently, fans who are grieving now had been uncertain about when this significant split would ultimately occur.

Fans who are mourning TSM’s departure now find themselves pondering what the future holds for this prominent team as it leaves the United States league. In a May interview, TSM’s chief executive and founder, Andy Dinh, mentioned that they had already begun transitioning to another top-tier region. Although this transition may appear abrupt to fans, it had been in the works for the past three years. While some speculate that TSM might join the Chinese LPL, most TSM supporters have declared that they will stand by the team, regardless of where it lands.

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