Former Dota 2 Pro Arteezy Criticises for Playing So Terribly That He Believed They Had Sold Their Account

Ever had a Dota 2 ranked match go so poorly that you were accused of selling your account? Well, that’s exactly what happened to Maurice “KheZu” Gutmann during a game he played alongside Artour “Arteezy” Babaev on September 15.

In this specific match, KheZu took on the offlane role as Legion Commander, while Arteezy assumed the mid lane as Necrophos. Unfortunately, the match quickly devolved into a one-sided defeat, and Arteezy didn’t hold back in expressing his frustration with his teammates. KheZu brought up this incident in a recent interview during DreamLeague Season 21.

KheZu asked Arteezy, “Remember the pub game we played like a week ago?” Arteezy instantly recalled the encounter. Despite facing criticism during the match, KheZu acknowledged that Arteezy was justified in calling out everyone’s poor performance and even apologized for his own lackluster showing, which resulted in a zero-to-eight score.

The studio erupted in laughter as Arteezy revealed that he had briefly entertained the idea that KheZu might have sold his account, as he couldn’t fathom the extent of his poor plays.

At the time of the match, KheZu was coming back from a three-month-long break from Dota 2, which meant he was slightly rusty to be competing at the highest skill level of the game. To compound the issue, KheZu wasn’t the only player underperforming in the game; both of the supports, Dark Willow and Treant Protector, were also struggling.

DreamLeague Season 21 is an online tournament that attracted the best Dota 2 teams from around the world to Europe in preparation for The International 2023. With such fierce competition in the region, even ranked games took on a more intense and challenging nature since professional players frequently played with and against each other between scrimmages.

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