Gen.G Continues VALORANT Roster Rebuild by Signing Former T1 Star

In the VALORANT offseason of 2023-24, Gen.G has been strategically acquiring talented players from the Korean free agency pool to reconstruct its roster following a disappointing season. The latest addition to their lineup comes in the form of Byeon “Munchkin” Sang-beom, who was officially signed by Gen.G, marking the organization’s third signing for the offseason. Notably, Munchkin previously played for T1 before this move.

Having commenced his VALORANT career with Cloud9 Korea, Munchkin contributed significantly to Crazy Raccoon’s international success. His stint with T1 during the 2022 season further solidified his reputation as a valuable asset. With this transfer to Gen.G, Munchkin joins a different Pacific League team, becoming the fourth player on Gen.G’s 2024 roster, aligning himself with other highly-rated Korean talents.

During the 2023 season, T1’s VALORANT team boasted a roster with considerable synergy, featuring players familiar with each other, some of whom transitioned from Overwatch League backgrounds. Munchkin, alongside former Overwatch League hitscan players Lee “Carpe” Jae-hyeok and Ha “Sayaplayer” Jung-woo, successfully transitioned to VALORANT esports. Munchkin, recognized as a reliable role player, primarily assumed the roles of Killjoy and Skye, complementing the explosive talent of Sayaplayer.

In terms of statistics, Munchkin showcased consistency and often went underrated. In the Pacific League, he secured eighth place in kill/death ratio (1.15), ninth in clutch percentage (20 percent), and 13th in average damage per round (141.1), among players with a minimum of 40 rounds, as per stats from

Despite T1’s challenges in international competitions, Munchkin consistently stood out as the best or second-best player when facing teams outside the Pacific region. A notable highlight was his performance against top NA team NRG at Masters Tokyo on June 12, where, playing as Killjoy on defense, he secured an ace on Lotus in a map they eventually won, surprising many who anticipated an NRG sweep.

Following his departure from T1, Munchkin officially joins Gen.G, marking a reunion with the organization he initially joined in the Overwatch League back in late 2017. His acquisition aligns with Gen.G’s strategy of bringing on high-potential talent, with other recent signings including Kim “Lakia” Jong-min and Kim “t3xture” Na-ra.

While Gen.G is still in search of a fifth player to complete its roster, Munchkin’s addition fills another crucial role on the team. The esports community now eagerly awaits the announcement of the final member, particularly the controller player, to join this popular Pacific squad.

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