Hades Meets Vampire Survivors in New Steam Indie, With Launch Sale

Death Must Die is a recently launched game on Steam Early Access that combines the intense bullet hell gameplay reminiscent of Vampire Survivors, the rich characters and power-ups found in Hades, and the equipment style reminiscent of the Diablo series. If you’re seeking a fresh experience with a visually stunning pixel aesthetic, this game might be the perfect fit.

For those eagerly awaiting the release of Hades 2 in early access, Death Must Die serves as a compelling alternative. As an action roguelike, it incorporates the fast-paced survival dynamics familiar from Vampire Survivors, offering a captivating gameplay experience.

Notably, the mid-game upgrades and deity system catch the attention of players, drawing parallels to Hades. The game features a vibrant array of godlike characters providing build variety through a range of boons, mirroring the mechanics seen in Hades. Boons can even be leveled up, akin to the indie game by Supergiant Games.

The gear system in Death Must Die bears a resemblance to Diablo, offering additional run variety with equipable items such as weapons, armor, rings, and pendants. This diverse set of gear, combined with the boons, adds depth to the gameplay.

In the early access version, players can choose from three different characters, encounter six gods with over ten skills each, face seven distinct enemies, confront a final boss, and explore map shrines that provide various buffs.

While the influence of Vampire Survivors is evident, Death Must Die sets itself apart by introducing unique elements to the time survival genre. The game has already garnered considerable attention, boasting thousands of concurrent players and nearly 1,000 user reviews with a ‘very positive’ rating of around 89%.

Available on Steam for $6.29 / £5.30 (with a 10% discount until Tuesday, November 21), Death Must Die is an enticing option for players. Keep in mind that the game is currently in Steam Early Access and is expected to remain so for approximately a year, promising a stream of additions and improvements in the coming months.

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