Korea President Promises to ‘Offer Support’ to Video Game Industry After T1’s Worlds 2023 Triumph

On November 19, T1 made history by securing the Worlds 2023 trophy after a victorious match against Weibo Gaming. President Yoon Suk Yeol of South Korea extended his congratulations to the team and pledged unwavering support for the country’s video game industry in the wake of this achievement.

President Yoon Suk Yeol, as translated by Ashley Kang on November 19, commended T1 for their fourth League of Legends World Championship victory, expressing that their win brought immense joy and stirred the emotions of South Korean citizens. In an official statement, he asserted that the South Korean government is committed to providing steadfast support to enhance the global competitiveness of the country’s video game industry, aiming for it to lead internationally.

This success marks another milestone for South Korean esports, building on their triumph at the Asian Games 2023 on September 29, where they clinched the gold medal by defeating Taiwan in the League finals.

The hosting of Worlds 2023 in South Korea after a five-year gap contributed to the significance of T1’s achievement. In the last hosting in 2018, China’s Invictus Gaming secured the Summoner’s Cup by defeating Fnatic.

While this victory marked T1’s fourth win on the Worlds stage, it also marked Faker’s fourth Summoner’s Cup. Despite the changes in the team over the years, Faker has consistently held the mid-lane position.

Fortunately for South Korean League fans, Faker has confirmed that he has no plans to retire in the near future. After the finals, the star player expressed his intention to continue competing.

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