Nadeshot explains why he can’t wait for Modern Warfare 3: ‘It’s the best thing they could ever do’

Nadeshot is eagerly anticipating the release of Modern Warfare 3 and thinks Sledgehammer Games’ decision to go back to the foundational elements of the Call of Duty series is the best strategy. Heavy criticism was leveled against Modern Warfare 2 for a slew of unwelcome changes to the franchise, including as the elimination of red dots from the minimap, the elimination of well-liked perks, and the excessively difficult unlocking process for gun attachments.

After a series of leaks, Modern Warfare 3 has now been officially revealed, with a Nov. 10 release date, and Nadeshot described the approach to Infinity Ward’s unpopular changes in MW2 as a hammer struck by Sledgehammer Games.

Leaks have indicated that mechanics like slide canceling, the classic minimap, and reload canceling are set to return, leaving Nadeshot to assess that “all the things that people loved from the original Warzone and core Call of Duty” titles are being brought back—which he feels is the best thing they could ever do.

For competitive players, Nadeshot explained in an Aug. 9 podcast that Sledgehammer Games appear to be giving the community “everything we’ve been asking for,” moving away from the casual Call of Duty that was seen in MW2—and unlocked gear from MW2 will carry over.

That’s not to say that Modern Warfare 3 will exclusively be a sweat-fest of competitive action, with the game also set to include a campaign that continues the story from the previous two installments in the rebooted series.

It’s also heavily reported that MW3 will include a Zombies mode, which will hopefully return to the mode’s roots rather than its disappointing inclusion in Call of Duty: Vanguard.

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