One of the greatest strategy games ever is now free, but not for long

One of the greatest strategy games ever created is still Europa Universalis 4. You assume leadership of four distinct countries and lead your army and culture through several centuries of conflict in an effort to become one of history’s most formidable empires. Europa Universalis 4 just celebrated its tenth anniversary and, to mark the occasion, is currently available for the low, low price of zero. It features a realistic landscape, numerous units and structures, and an intricate diplomacy system. However, you must move quickly.

Originally launched in 2013, Europa Universalis 4 begins in the era of the Renaissance, using a map largely based on the actual world as it looked at the time. From technology to commerce, politics to military strategy, you guide your people through centuries of social evolution in one of the greatest grand strategy games of all time.

Meet historical figures, engage in complex, global trade, and pair up with friends to rule your civilization cooperatively. If you’ve never tried Europa before, but you’re a big fan of Age of Empires, Civilization, and Total War, this is the perfect time to dip your toes. Alternatively, if you’re a series veteran and want to finally take the fourth installment for a spin, to mark ten years of Europa Universalis 4 it’s now available for absolutely nothing.

Europa Universalis is free on the Epic Games Store from now until Thursday, August 17. You get the entire base game free of charge, but there are also dozens of DLCs, including Domination, which launched back in April, and adds new leaders, world events, and mission trees.

If you like in-depth, long-form simulations, that let you lead and play in any way you like – and also take a deep dive into real-world history – Europa Universalis 4 is the game for you. You can get it for free here.

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