Players Are Unhappy That Overwatch 2 Hides New Diablo 4 Skins Behind a Bundle That Costs as Much as Overwatch 1

Overwatch 2 is introducing new skins that dress Moria and Pharah in the attire of characters from Diablo 4 – Lilith and Inarius. These skins are part of a fresh batch of cosmetics arriving with Season 7: Rise of Darkness. However, they are not included in the standard premium battle pass. Instead, you’ll need to shell out an additional $40 for them, which is the same cost as the original Overwatch game when it was initially released. Unsurprisingly, this decision has not gone over well with the player community.

The Lilith Moria and Inarius Pharah skins are exclusively available in Overwatch 2’s Ultimate Battle Pass bundle. This bundle also includes a Pumpkin Spice skin for Bastion, 2,000 Overwatch coins for use in the in-game store, and 20 tier skips to speed up your progression through the battle pass.

While it’s not uncommon for games to offer premium skins through a battle pass purchase, what has frustrated many Overwatch 2 fans is the heavy promotion of the Diablo crossover skins leading up to the new season, only to find them locked behind the highest-priced tier of the battle pass. Furthermore, there’s no option to purchase these skins individually or buy the bundle using in-game currency; real money is the only accepted payment method.

This has led to player dissatisfaction, with comments like “The skin that was the focus point of advertisements for this season is exclusive to the $40 bundle… good job Blizzard,” and “Casual reminder that Overwatch, the ENTIRE GAME – was $40 on release. Now we’re paying that amount for a couple of skins and a battle pass.”

Adding to the frustration is the fact that the Premium Battle Pass for Overwatch 2, priced at $50, includes its Legendary Pack but not the Ultimate Battle Pass. Players who purchased the Premium Battle Pass need to spend the full $40 for the extra skins, without any apparent discount for already owning the other battle pass.

Overwatch 2’s battle pass system has faced criticism before, and this latest move is unlikely to improve its standing among players who have been disappointed by the game’s transition from a loot box system, the cancellation of a promised PvE mode, and expensive cosmetics. All these factors contributed to Overwatch 2 becoming one of the worst-reviewed games on Steam.

It’s worth noting that Activision Blizzard, the publisher of Overwatch, is currently facing legal actions, labor disputes, and allegations of workplace harassment, which have further compounded the challenges the game is encountering. This situation has left many former fans disillusioned with the game, which was once considered one of the best multiplayer shooters.

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