Redfall studio job listing indicates returning focus to single-player

Redfall failed to live up to expectations as the immersive sim developer released a co-op vampire-slaying RPG in the style of Far Cry, which wasn’t the game Arkane or Microsoft expected it to be. But if a recent job offering is any indication, it appears that following Redfall, we’ll be getting yet another Arkane Austin single-player game.

It seems that Microsoft is doubling down on Arkane Austin after the Redfall launch fiasco, as a new job listing could suggest that the Dishonored, Prey, and Deathloop studio is indeed going back to its roots.

Head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty already made it clear that Arkane Austin, the Arkane division responsible for developing Redfall, won’t be shut down due to the game being a “miss,” as it actually had quite good play on Game Pass. This job listing could indicate exactly what Arkane Austin wants to get back to though, or might mean some sort of single-player revamp for Redfall.

A lead technical engineer job is currently available at Arkane Austin, and three preferred skills could outline what the studio has planned, especially in regards to returning what players loved most about its games.

The job’s preferred skills are as follows:

  • Experience with real-time concurrent systems
  • Experience with network and online features
  • Familiarity with single player action-RPGs and immersive sims

With Booty’s statement and a Redfall patch, it’s clear that the vampire multiplayer shooter isn’t being left in the sun, but for my money these three skills make it sound an awful lot like Arkane Austin is going back to what worked best at the studio.

The team has always been iterating on its immersive sim games, with Dishonored getting two protagonists and Deathloop adding a Dark Souls-esque invasion system to its action-RPG gameplay, so the request for a single-player experience tells me we’re going back to that.

That might not come as much of a surprise, but the job listing does appear to cement Booty’s claim that Austin isn’t being tossed aside anytime soon.

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