Reigning Americas MVP aspas officially joins VALORANT rivals

The central question of the VALORANT 2023-24 off-season revolved around the destination of aspas, the VCT Americas 2023 MVP. Now, we have the answer.

Initially, it seemed likely that he might continue with LOUD, but that notion vanished swiftly after the VALORANT superstar declared his free agency on DATE. While there were numerous potential landing spots worldwide, he has opted for a South American team that he competed against in 2023.

This star duelist and champion has officially inked a deal with Leviatán, marking his first move since joining LOUD in early 2022. Although this was initially reported by in late September, the verbal agreement has now transitioned into an official signing. This move is of immense significance for Leviatán, not only as the most prominent signing since its establishment but also as the first Brazilian player for the Argentinian and Chilean-run organization.

From the moment aspas joined LOUD, he was always associated with hype and high expectations. The 20-year-old emerged as one of Brazil’s most promising talents, and this immediately translated into success for LOUD.

Aspas excelled regionally, participating in some of the most challenging and entertaining VALORANT matches ever, culminating in his championship victory at VALORANT Champions 2022. He earned the Grand Finals MVP title for his exceptional Jett performance and continues to be regarded as one of the most skilled Jett players, despite her subsequent nerfs.

The previous season proved to be more challenging, but LOUD maintained their regional dominance as they transitioned from competing in Brazil to the unified Americas competition. While they secured first place in the regular season, they struggled to reach any finals, except for a remarkable debut tournament at LOCK//IN.

Fans were aware that changes were imminent in the off-season, as aspas’ contract was expiring. Despite speculations about his potential move to major teams like NRG or BLEED, he opted for free agency and joined Leviatán.

As for Leviatán, they are seeking to rebound from a tumultuous season. Aspas not only brings stability but also a high level of play to their roster. Notably, the team already includes players from 2023, with IGL kiNgg being a prominent figure. Rumored signings like Ian “tex” Botsch indicate that the team is bolstering its firepower significantly, with aspas being the pinnacle.

Like many other teams making significant moves this off-season, Leviatán faces the challenge of ensuring that these new additions can synergize effectively—an outcome that remains to be witnessed.

One advantage for aspas, staying in his original VALORANT region and continent, is that he won’t have to overcome a significant language barrier. Instead, his primary challenges will involve adapting to the Jett nerfs and integrating with his new teammates, as he aims to maintain his status as the MVP heading into the 2024 season and beyond.

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