Resurfaced Racist Clip Puts Top LATAM VALORANT Free Agent’s Future in Jeopardy

Brazilian VALORANT professional player Alexandre “xand” Zizi recently participated in tryouts with the intention of joining LOUD during the current VCT off-season. Despite the deal falling through, he remained a sought-after free agent. However, his future in professional VALORANT has been jeopardized due to the resurfacing of an old racist video clip.

This particular clip re-emerged on October 17 and originated from xand’s previous career as a professional CS:GO player in Brazil. During an ESEA match, he used a Portuguese racist term, “preto fudido,” which translates to a highly offensive racial slur, after being eliminated by an opponent. The exact age of the clip is uncertain, but xand himself mentioned that it dated back seven years.

Xand was filling in for The Union at the Brazilian tournament Multiplatform Esports Game (MEG), which featured prominent VCT teams like MIBR and FURIA when the offensive clip gained attention on Twitter. Within a day, the tournament organizer banned xand from participating in the event and all future editions.

MEG 2023 presented a valuable opportunity for xand to prove his worth to potential LATAM VCT teams for the 2024 season, especially after not being selected by LOUD. Nevertheless, the Brazilian player now acknowledges that his future as a professional is uncertain.

Following MEG’s decision to ban him, xand posted on Twitter, saying, “Everybody saw that this never happened again, I’m not that person anymore and I’ll prove it to you. I don’t know what my future looks like, but all I think is apologizing for hurting you. I understand these are the consequences of my attitudes.” Dot Esports has sought comment from him.

Xand has had an extensive career as a professional esports player, at 28 years old. He played for FURIA and Ninjas in Pyjamas in 2022 before joining KRÜ Esports for the 2023 VCT season and representing 00 Nation thereafter. Notably, during his time as a CS:GO professional from 2012 to 2020, he attended the StarLadder Berlin Major with INTZ in 2019.

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