Sentinels Loses VALORANT Opener Against Moist, Despite TenZ’s Strong Debut on New Agent

The 2024 VALORANT Champions Tour preseason is just one match in, but Sentinels fans might already have some concerns about the upcoming year following a less-than-stellar performance in a showmatch.

Sentinels, one of the most discussed and scrutinized teams in the VCT Americas, faced off against Moist x Shopify in a best-of-three showdown, with notable org representatives and streaming personalities Ludwig and tarik watching the series closely. While they secured a dominant win on Bind in the first map, things took a turn for the worse for Sentinels on Ascent and Haven. The match culminated in a remarkable one-vs-three clutch by MxS’ brawk, leaving tarik and Sentinels CEO Rob Moore stunned.

Sentinels’ standout player TenZ seems to have fully embraced the flex role, expanding his agent pool to include Harbor, enabling Sentinels to utilize the popular Harbor-Viper composition on Haven. Despite the unfavorable outcome on Haven, TenZ displayed his proficiency with the controller, leading his team in kills and assists.

TenZ spoke about his transition away from the entry role in a recent interview with analyst and former coach Sean Gares. He explained that flash initiators and support agents better suit his playstyle. In the interview, TenZ acknowledged that playing Jett extensively early in his career had led him in the wrong direction and expressed his enthusiasm for using a more diverse agent pool to showcase his creativity.

On the other side of the server, this victory could serve as a turning point for the Moist x Shopify roster, setting the stage for a strong Challengers season. MxS has now defeated Sentinels and proved their competitiveness against Cloud9 in an earlier showmatch, a match they might have won if not for in-game disruptions.

Following the showmatch, Sentinels’ new in-game leader, Mouhamed “johnqt” Ouarid, mentioned on Twitter that the match was fun but acknowledged that the team has some issues to address. Major changes may need to be made as Sentinels face a series of preseason opponents over the next few weeks, including a match against new VCT Americas opponent G2 scheduled for Thursday, October 26.

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