Several Pro VALORANT Teams Look Great This Offseason, but Be Wary of Preseason Hype

The VALORANT offseason has been quite busy, with starting rosters for the next year still uncertain. While there are some intriguing must-watch rosters emerging, it’s crucial to remember that preseason hype doesn’t necessarily translate to success in VCT 2024, as demonstrated by the experiences of the previous year.

Cloud9 particularly stood out during the official 2023 OFF//SEASON due to their extensive game and screen time. Their global tour took them from San Jose to Busan, Tokyo, and Colombia, where they faced teams from various international leagues. Despite eventually running out of steam at Superdome 2023 in Colombia, the team, especially young duelist OXY, delivered standout performances. OXY’s playmaking abilities and mechanical skill, showcased with Jett and Raze, offer Cloud9 flexibility in their agent compositions.

The conclusion of C9’s global tour saw defeats at the hands of FURIA and Leviatán, with Leviatán notably turning heads at Superdome. aspas, particularly dominating in the duelist role, and kiNgg’s Viper masterclass stole the show. Other notable performances across the VCT ecosystem included Redgar leading Giants to a Crossfire Cup victory, Fnatic’s strong showing at Red Bull Home Ground, and Sentinels’ undefeated run at their own tournament.

Despite the tempting hype, it’s important to exercise caution. Preseason acclaim doesn’t guarantee regular season success, as evidenced by the fate of 100 Thieves in the previous year. After an impressive performance at Red Bull Home Ground, they faced challenges, with Cryocells struggling personally and the team finding it challenging to set him up for success, leading to a missed VCT Americas playoffs and a swift exit from the LCQ.

Other top teams from Red Bull Home Ground 2022, including Cloud9, Vitality, and KRÜ, also encountered difficulties in 2023. This history underscores the point that OFF//SEASON results are not a foolproof indicator of success in VCT. The upcoming season will be even longer, and as demonstrated by Evil Geniuses, immediate visual prowess doesn’t always translate to championship-winning teams.

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