Steam’s pioneering scariest game gets official mod support

Amnesia There was a unique time in gaming with The Dark Descent. One of the first truly distinctive horror games to make a major splash on the YouTube scene was Frictional Games’ 2010 release of Amnesia. Although the concept of scary video games was not new, Amnesia felt fresh and exciting. It immersed us in a world of witnessing strangers—people we might not even know—crying, trembling, and screaming their way through its eerie halls.

With the Amnesia The Bunker release date imminent, Frictional Games has a special present for us fans. “In anticipation of Amnesia The Bunker we’ve decided to enable Steam Workshop for Amnesia The Dark Descent,” the developer announces on its Steam store page.

“We are well aware (and in awe) of the countless mods and custom stories made throughout the years – and now we’ve finally ensured that you can publish and install them smoothly here via Steam,” it continues. “So if you have made any Amnesia mods [and have them] lying around, go wild and fill this space with your creations!”

As Frictional Games notes, there’s been plenty of mods created over the years, ranging from minor tweaks to full custom stories. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it be Dark Souls-inspired levels, celebrations of Silent Hill, full-tilt jumpscare factories, or entirely original tales, there’s probably a wealth of mods ready to deliver upon your exact desires.

Modding, however, can be an intimidating process – it’s often easier than you’d think, but we know that some people find the process of fiddling around with your game files, even on a basic level, scarier than the watery footsteps of the invisible Kaernk in Amnesia’s cellars. The Steam Workshop is perhaps the simplest and most reassuring way to get into modding with minimal worry, so it’s good to see it get official support.

Of course, it’ll likely be some time until all the biggest and best Amnesia mods make their way onto the Steam Workshop. Some creators may have moved on, or be content to leave their work on third-party sites. However, we’re sure this news will lead to plenty of cool (and horrifying) reasons to return to the first Amnesia again.

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