The Best-Looking League of Legends Rival Just Dropped New Playtest

How many contenders has League of Legends faced? From Heroes of the Storm (RIP) to Smite, breaking into the MOBA scene is no simple feat. Project Loki, on the other hand, aims to do just that and, in my opinion, appears to be the most compelling challenger to LoL in quite some time. If you’re skeptical, Theorycraft has revealed a new duos playtest, allowing you to experience the game firsthand – but act fast, as spots are limited.

While Project Loki is, at its core, a MOBA, it innovates on League of Legends’ base format by introducing vertical shifts in terrain, and implementing a ‘drop in’ system similar to the ones we see in all of the best battle royale games.

You’ll be grouped up into teams of four, where you’ll battle it out against a plethora of other squads to earn the title of ‘last one standing.’ Think League of Legends meets Apex Legends or Fortnite: that’s the vibe that Project Loki is going for.

While EU players got a whole week to try out Theorycraft’s multiplayer adventure earlier in November, on Wednesday, November 14 the team confirmed that a “surprise” North American playtest is on the horizon – and I mean the very near horizon.

From Thursday, November 16 until Friday, November 17, North American players can dive into Project Loki’s duo mode. Note that the playtests will take place between 6pm PST / 9pm EST and 9pm PST / 12AM EST each day.

All you have to do is sign up to playtest via Loki’s official website, or jump into the Discord, where Theorycraft is “sending a few hundred extra invites and referrals.” Sadly I missed the EU test while I was away at BlizzCon, but I am very, very excited by what I’m seeing from this game. Take a break from League and give it a go for me – trust me when I say I’m jealous.

In between playtests there’s plenty of time to dive back onto the Rift to hone your skills, though, so make sure you check out our LoL tier list to see who’s sitting at the top end of the table. Or if, like me, you just want to know what the League of Legends Mythic shop looks like this time around, we’ve got you covered.

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