The IEM Dallas CS:GO MVP might have already been eliminated after the quarterfinals

Six teams were reduced to four during the IEM Dallas CS:GO quarterfinals on June 2, however while teams like Heroic, MOUZ, ENCE, and FaZe Clan are still vying for the championship, the event’s top player is already headed home.

The CS:GO community stood in awe of Nicolai “device” Reedtz once again as the 27-year-old looks back to his best at Astralis after an extended hiatus from Counter-Strike. The superstar AWPer, up until the second map of the quarterfinal, was averaging well over 30 kills a map according to stats site HLTV.

After an underwhelming BLAST Paris EU RMR qualifier, which saw the storied Danish organization fail to make it to the final CS:GO Major in the French capital, device put the team on his back in Dallas.

He would dominate proceedings against Team Liquid and Cloud9, guaranteeing his squad a playoff spot, before dropping an incredulous 94 kills in a 1-2 series loss to ENCE. The Danish sniper still had more in the tank as Astralis took to the stage against MOUZ, however, saving his finest performance for the American crowd.

While MOUZ young gun torzsi would land more AWP kills in the 22-20 win on Inferno, device was unstoppable in the double-overtime thriller—he would drop a staggering 42 kills including 13 entry frags in the loss.

Astralis AWPer device sits at his PC during the IEM Dallas 2023 group stage.
Device leads most statistics despite exiting IEM Dallas in the quarterfinals. Photo via ESL Gaming
Astralis would ultimately go down 16-9 to MOUZ on Ancient, ending their Dallas run—and device’s hot streak. MOUZ would finally prove device’s humanity, holding him to a 0.89 HLTV rating on Ancient. His next lowest map rating for the event? 1.24.

Device currently sits a clear first for HLTV rating (1.42) and kill differential (+91) for the tournament, and barring a masterful performance from compatriots cadiaN or stavn at Heroic, he will unassuredly finish the event as the highest-rated player at IEM Dallas.

But will he receive the tournament MVP? Highly unlikely.

A player from a losing team very rarely receives a tournament MVP award, especially those who fail to qualify for the grand final. However, given Astralis’ return to form and rumors of a possible roster upgrade ahead of the transition into Counter-Strike 2, surely device has at least one more tournament MVP medal in him.

While Astralis prepare for their flight home following their quarterfinal loss, victors MOUZ prepare to take on Danish super squad Heroic in the IEM Dallas semifinals at 11:30am CT. The second semifinal, FaZe Clan versus ENCE, will kick off at 3pm CT.

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