Toronto Defiant Becomes Second Team to Officially Leave Overwatch League

Overactive Media, the parent company of the Toronto Defiant, has officially confirmed its departure from the Overwatch League.

In a statement released on November 8, OAM announced that it has reached a final agreement with Activision Blizzard to conclude its participation in the franchised league. According to the statement, Overactive Media will receive a termination payment of $6 million from Activision Blizzard.

Adam Adamou, co-founder and interim CEO of OAM, stated that despite the decision to terminate their contract with the OWL, the company still has plans to remain involved in Overwatch esports in the future.

“Our commitment to our teams and esports is stronger than ever,” he said. “We believe this move is a crucial step in ensuring their continued success. We are eager to share more about our vision for Toronto Defiant and our plans to return to Overwatch esports. We expect more information to be available soon.”

Toronto Defiant is the second team to officially end its affiliation with the Overwatch League in 2023, following the Chengdu Hunters in June.

Back in June, there were significant uncertainties regarding the Overwatch League’s future when it was announced that teams would be given the opportunity to vote on the competition’s future, including the option to exit the league and receive a termination fee.

On November 3, Jacob Wolf reported that the Overwatch League is effectively ending, with Activision Blizzard considering ESL, which is owned by Saudi Arabia, to oversee the operation of a new open circuit ecosystem.

The dissolution of the OWL could be a costly process for Activision Blizzard’s new owner, Microsoft, as they may be responsible for covering the $120 million cost should every organization opt for the $6 million termination payout.

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