Tower of Fantasy’s anniversary update is packed with free pulls

The gacha anime game Tower of Fantasy, which has been around for over a year, is celebrating in style with a massive bounty of free pulls so you may get your favourite characters. The Tower of Fantasy 3.1 update Summer Reunion marks the game’s first anniversary of its August 11, 2022, global debut as well as its upcoming August 8 release on PlayStation systems.

There’s plenty to dig through in the Summer Reunion update, with a full set of Tower of Fantasy 3.1 patch notes below if you want to get up to speed on all the details. While you unfortunately won’t be able to match up with the new PlayStation audience, with developer Hotta Studio confirming that the Sony platforms will “regrettably” be independent of the PC and mobile servers, there are still many reasons to check out the new update.

Chief among these for many players is the news that you can get up to a whopping 73 free draws by taking part in the huge range of anniversary events, which begin after the server maintenance period ends on August 8. That gives you a wealth of chances to grab your favorite Tower of Fantasy characters that have as yet eluded your fingers, so don’t miss out on the chance to take advantage.

Tower of Fantasy update 3.1 patch notes, maintenance schedule, and events – August 5, 2023

Here are the patch notes for Tower of Fantasy version 3.1:

Maintenance Times

Tower of Fantasy 3.1 will be deployed on Tuesday, August 8, 2023 at 4am – 9am (UTC+0). The servers will be down for maintenance during this time, and you are recommended to log out of the game 15 minutes prior to the update. Times for each region are listed below:

RegionStart TimeEnd Time
US WestAugust 7 @ 9pm PDTAugust 8 @ 2am PDT
US EastAugust 8 @ 12am EDTAugust 8 @ 5am EDT
UKAugust 8 @ 5am BSTAugust 8 @ 10am BST
EuropeAugust 8 @ 6am CESTAugust 8 @ 11am CEST


  • Server shutdown compensation: 500 dark crystals.
  • Client update compensation: 200 dark crystals.
  • Boundless Realm weak point bug fixing compensation: 200 dark crystals.
  • Compensation range: Players who reached level six before the update – the above compensation will be sent to your Mailbox within two hours of the maintenance update completion.
Tower of Fantasy 3.1 update - event calendar for the anniversary celebrations in the anime gacha game.

Version 3.1 New Content

  • New map area: Cloudpeak Manor
    • Cloudpeak Manor is available in Ignisville. Two Vermilion Statues and one new Tower Slayer are added.
  • New world boss: Black Crow Dark Wretch
  • New Simulacrum: Ming Jing
    • Lord Xuanwu’s blade is capable of cutting through everything. With him around, we can definitely defeat the Darkness. Ming Jing and his Simulacrum Story Mission are coming soon!
  • New Side Mission Story: Jade Pavilion Fair
    • Attend a date at the Jade Pavilion under the full moon of the summer night. Guests of various origins gather together, reunions and encounters take place here!
  • New Raid: Black Jade Warrior
    • Black Jade Warrior is a limited-time Raid. Zhuyan’s Flames of Wrath are extremely dangerous. Please be very careful!
    • Black Jade Warrior does not share the same cooldown with regular Raids. Please feel free to participate in it.
  • Evolved and more challenging Frontier Clash
    • A new Evolution Mode is added to Frontier Clash. The gameplay is now seasonal, and you will challenge the boss in stages. You will get rewards based on the stage you have completed!
  • New Equipment Augment Parts: Fortress bracers and Fortress leg guards
  • New Combat Servant: Flame Sparrow
Tower of Fantasy 3.1 update - event calendar for the anime gacha game's anniversary celebrations.

General Updates

  • Added in-game texts and voiceover in Simplified Chinese.
  • Increased Lin Epiphyllum’s base damage.
  • Increased the damage multiplier of Annabella’s dual module.
  • Added Augment Module Box to Crystal Dust Store.
    • Core control modules will be removed from Crystal Dust Store in the next version update. Please redeem your items in time.
  • Fixed the bugs of Boundless Realm weak point.
  • Added new Tanium purchase amount on MidasBuy.
  • Saki Fuwa and Ruby’s limited weapons/matrix will be added to the permanent ordering pool after the update.
  • We will optimize and upgrade the customer service function, allowing Wanderers to contact the customer service team more conveniently.

Additional details and event timings can be found via the Tower of Fantasy website, courtesy of Hotta Studio.

If you’ve just decided to start your adventure, check out our Tower of Fantasy leveling guide to see how to level up quickly and catch up to the rest of the audience. Newcomers and veteran players alike will want to make sure you haven’t missed out on any Tower of Fantasy codes for bonus goodies either.

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