VALORANT Champion’s Mom Might Have Confirmed His Offseason Move From EG to 100T

There are few things moms love more than talking about their children, even if it means revealing where their son and reigning VALORANT world champion is heading this offseason just a little bit early.

The potential move of Kelden “Boostio” Pupello from Evil Geniuses to 100 Thieves was first reported by long-time esports journalist Richard Lewis back in September, but Lewis noted that 100T’s first attempt at a buyout was shot down by EG. According to one of Lewis’s sources, Boostio had wanted to leave before EG delivered an ultimatum to its players to either take a pay cut to come back or find somewhere else to play.

But two tweets from the past 24 hours indicate that the Boostio-to-100T move is not dead in the water just yet, and they come from none other than the reigning world champion’s mom. Boostio’s mom, who goes by Boostio_mom on X, retweeted the offseason spreadsheet from VALORANT insider Flynn last night with the message “thank you @EvilGeniuses @100T_Esports.”

Boostio’s mom also replied to a question about 100T getting the roster together before Red Bull Home Ground next month, asking if potentially Evil Geniuses would “loan” Boostio to 100T for the event. 100T are a confirmed participant for Red Bull Home Ground in Tokyo starting Nov. 3, but only have three active members of the starting roster on contract currently: bang, Asuna, and Cryocells.

Does Boostio’s mom know something we don’t? Well, according to Boostio on a recent stream, his contract with Evil Geniuses ends at the beginning of 2024. With the deal expiring at the start of 2024, 100T could theoretically wait for the deal to end, then offer him a contract without facing an EG buyout clause. On the same stream, Boostio said he was not on 100T, but did not explicitly say he wouldn’t end up on 100T.

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