XQc says he knows how to ‘save FaZe’ as org struggles through massive changes

As FaZe Clan’s future remains a heavy topic of discussion amidst internal strife and huge monetary loss, many members of the community are weighing in and pitching just how they’d shape the future of the organization.

The topic was hotly debated in a livestream on June 2, featuring xQc, Ludwig, and TheStockGuy—and when xQc was asked how he’d “save” FaZe, he was blunt in his response.

“Tighten up the ship,” he said, outlining a plan that would see the bulk of the existing leadership and content team out of a job immediately. Also in xQc’s firing line would be the esports division of FaZe, likely including the CS:GO and Call of Duty teams. “Esports is dead.”

“In all esports orgs, everybody got wedged into this spot where nobody knows who to hire, who’s the expert, what the exact value is. When venture capital and funding then came in, everyone went ‘fuck it, let’s get from point A to point B’ without thinking first.”

The esports division of FaZe has come under fire following the release of figures suggesting the organization is losing millions of dollars a year in running just one of their esports teams in VALORANT.

In its place? The popular streamer would pivot the organization into a content team similar to that of YouTube sensations Sidemen, with a group of “titans” at the streaming and YouTube forefront. From there, he’d work his way down, building back the core structure of the org.

“The king of all of the internet is content,” said xQc, detailing that as long as a person or group is producing content people would want to consume, they would still find success. He would use this point to work his way back to the current content team, agreeing with Ludwig that starting anew might not yield results, noting the formula for success was still at FaZe, and a select few could keep the flame alight.

“I still feel like you’re working with so much oil on the ground, and all you need is a spark,” said xQc. “I think FaZe is still one of the only orgs that has pierced the sphere outside of gaming, and you don’t know if anyone else is going to hit that mark.”

But when Ludwig asked if xQc would work with “the FaZe OGs”, referring to the likes of FaZe Rain, xQc would rather see the group gone—even if it meant losing a core portion of the fanbase who were still sticking by the creators.

At the same time, the three hosts agreed certain members of the original group were “lovers scorned” by the change in FaZe’s strategy over the years, particularly FaZe Rain.

Rain garnered support from FaZe diehards and casual observers alike in response to a FaZe statement regarding the conflict between the organization’s co-founder and newest creator Grace Van Dien.

In the two-hour discussion between the three streamers, incredibly, the stock price of the publicly-traded organization would fluctuate by as much as 10 percent.

The future of FaZe Clan remains up in the air, and while the idea of xQc owning a content or esports organization is interesting given a number of his peers have already made such investments, buying out FaZe might not be something to expect in the short-term.

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