18 World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Recipes!

The alpha exposes a number of intriguing new WoW Dragonflight recipes, which we’ll rate in terms of deliciousness. World of Warcraft has long had a fetish with cute fictional foods.

The MMORPG game‘s dedication to evocative foodstuffs has even resulted in an official WoW cookbook, so any mook can make themselves a batch of spicy Dragonbreath Chili. Dragonflight will be no exception to this trend, as in the latest alpha build Blizzard has made a whole host of aromatic comestibles available to try. Rather than just give you a dry list, however, we’re going to rank all of them by how tasty they sound.

1 – Hoard of Draconic Delicacies

Buff – 35 to your highest secondary stat.
We don’t know for certain what exactly Draconic food is like, but we imagine it’s fiery as a dragon’s maw and that’s all we need to know – and ‘hoard’ suggests there’ll be a lot of it.

2 – Yusa’s Hearty Stew

Buff – 35 to your lowest secondary stat.
Is there anything better than a good thick stew, served perhaps with some fresh crusty bread? Other than a load of spicy dragon food, we can’t think of anything.

3 – Aromatic Seafood Platter

Buff – 21 Haste & Versatility.
‘Aromatic’ is rarely used for things that don’t smell great. “That rubbish bin is so aromatic” just doesn’t scan. We can smell that delectable ocean deliciousness right now. Mmmm.

4 – Sizzling Seafood Medley

Buff – 21 Haste & Mastery.
‘Sizzling’ calls to mind a platter of food brought to your table on a hotplate in a fancy fish restaurant. We can taste it from here. It would be better if it smelled nice, though.

5 – Thrice-Spiced Mammoth

Buff – 12 Stamina & 6 Intellect.
A mammoth so nice they spiced it thrice. Mammoth isn’t likely to be the most delicate of meats, but bung enough spices on it and you could make a shoe appetising. There’s likely to be a lot of it, too.

6 – Roast Duck Delight

Buff – 12 Stamina & 9 Intellect.
What’s so delightful about this duck? We may never know, but it sounds like a tasty treat. We’d order this in an Earth restaurant, let alone one in Azeroth.

7 – Feisty Fish Sticks

Buff – 21 Haste & Critical Strike.
Here’s hoping that “feisty” refers to the flavour profile, and not the energy level of this seafood dish.

8 – Braised Bruffalon Brisket

Buff – 12 Stamina & 9 Strength.
A serviceable dish, sure to fill the stomach, but perhaps not wow the taste buds.

9 – Scrambled Basilisk Eggs

Buff – 12 Stamina & 6 Agility
Scrambled eggs are really a foodstuff that needs accompaniment – without toast or hash browns, they fall squarely in the middle of the pack.

10 – Salt-Baked Fishcake

Buff – 35 Mastery
Has the potential to be higher on the list, but heavily salted seafood can often be overpowering.

11 – Charred Hornswog Steaks

Buff – 12 Stamina & 6 Agility
“Charred” can either mean “hideously overcooked” or “pleasantly grilled” – so as such these steaks get a middling grade.

12 – Great Cerulean Sea

Buff – 21 Versatility & Mastery
Likely a seafood chowder of some sort, but the name does not exactly scream edibility. Too much of a mystery.

13 – Seamoth Surprise

Buff – 35 Versatility
The “surprise” is learning what the hell a seamoth is when the waiter brings it to your table.

14 – Riverside Picnic

Buff – 12 Stamina & 9 Agility
Picnics are really defined by the locale. Eating an apple and a packet of Quavers in a Draconic hell pit seems like a poor experience.

15 – Salted Meat Mash

Buff – 28 Stamina
Ew. No.

16 – Revenge, Served Cold

Buff – 21 Critical Strikes & Versatility
Revenge feels good going down, but within 20 minutes you’re just hungry again.

17 – Thousandbone Tongueslicer

Buff – 21 Critical Strike & Mastery
They used to sell Thousandbone in deboned tins, but most people were unwilling to buy a small container of brine. Additionally, ouch.

18 – Timely Demise

Buff – 35 Haste
The name could either refer to the meat you’re eating, or you five minutes afterward. Either way, no.

That’s the entire menu for now. For more on changes coming in the latest Dragonflight alpha, check out our rundown of the Hunter changes, or learn about the addition of a notorious Hearthstone villain.

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