2022 LCS Spring Split: The Famous Champions

With more than half of the regular season of the 2022 LCS Spring Split already completed, certain champions have emerged victorious. This split, the North American league selected 88 of the 159 champions available in League of Legends. But, so far, they are some of the most popular champions.

Jinx and Aphelios

Image via Riot Games | Remixed by Pablo Suárez

While Jinx has been the most picked champion in the split so far, Aphelios follows her in a close second. This, funnily enough, is mainly because Aphelios has proven to be one of the best match-ups against Jinx. Jinx has been picked in 43 games so far, while Aphelios has been picked 31 times. In total, Jinx has an 89 percent presence in the league, representing her dominance in the meta.

Xin Zhao

Image via Riot Games

Xin Zhao, in a similar fashion to Europe’s LEC, has been the most popular jungler throughout the split with 29 picks and an almost 70 percent presence in the pick and ban phase Xerxe, Pridestalkr, and Santorin are the junglers that have prioritized Xin Zhao the most. Santorin has yet to lose with the champion, boasting four wins out of a possible four games.


Image via Riot Games

In the top lane, Graves has been the most dominant champion in the meta in both the LEC and the LCS. Graves has been picked in 40 percent of the games so far and has been a comfort pick for players like Revenge, who picked the champion six times this split. Bwipo, FakeGod, and Impact have also had strong performances on the champion.

The 2022 LCS Spring Split regular season returns this weekend for the seventh week of the season. Cloud9 (11-2) are currently at the top of the standings, followed closely by Team Liquid (10-3). With two weeks left, it’s hard to predict who will claim the top spot in the regular season, but these champions will almost certainly be crucial for teams in upcoming games.

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