2022 LCS Summer Split: TSM Introduces Maple as a Starting Mid Laner

After a disappointing season for TSM’s League of Legends team, the company has enlisted the services of a seasoned veteran to oversee the team for Summer Split.

TSM has announced that former PSG Talon and Flash Wolves mid laner Huang “Maple” Yi-Tang will be joining the roster alongside top laner Huni, support Shenyi, North American-born AD carry Tactical, and superstar jungler Spica.

The team’s assistant general manager Glen Yang said in a statement that the coaching staff graded Maple and believe that his skill level places him in the top three of all LCS mid laners. With nine years of competitive League experience under his belt, the team thinks that he is a great addition to a roster looking for some guidance.

“Why I want to join TSM—[they] didn’t perform as expected in the Spring Split, [so] I hope my joining could help bring some changes,” Maple said. “I want to bring the playstyle that I learned in the LPL and PCS to NA and help the team qualify for Worlds, while getting better results.”

Maple last played in the LPL with Anyone’s Legend, but only played 10 games while sharing playing time alongside Deng “Forge” Jie. He didn’t get a chance to move forward after the squad finished as a bottom-tier team with a 5-11 record. Maple was also the starting mid laner for PSG Talon in the PCS, where he helped the team achieve a perfect record during the 2021 Summer Split.

The veteran mid laner will need to work hard with the rest of TSM after the roster battled through the worst LCS season in the organization’s history this past spring. “Not everything is going to be fixed here in the first year, but ultimately, we feel we’re in a place where we can start rebuilding and get TSM back to its winning culture, step by step,” TSM’s VP Dominic Kallas said.

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