A Minecraft and Stranger Things Build Is Sublime

Although there isn’t any official Stranger Things DLC for Minecraft yet, it was only a matter of time until players began creating items from the Netflix series. Even though horror isn’t wholly at odds with what Minecraft is about—just run into the powerful Warden to see that—it still takes work to make things in this adorable game actually creepy.

That’s not stopped Redditors Fiki And Biki though, who decided they wanted to build the Creel House from Stranger Things out of voxels. They took to Reddit to post up some images from the build, and the photo editing on the first one really adds a sense of unease to the whole thing. If you’re interested in watching how it was actually built, you’ll be glad to know you can do so on YouTube.

While most of the edge is imbued thanks to editing, little things like the leaves being removed from The Upside Down version of the building help immensely. A few players also said it would be an excellent idea to build a nether portal in the overworld one, warp through it, and then recreate the house around it perfectly too. This would properly replicate the show, and is actually just a solid idea for a map on its own.

Recreating things perfectly takes a lot of time and effort, but imagine running through scenes from the show in both the nether and the overworld, all of which are like for like aside from the different enemies running around. It’d be a wonderfully unsettling experience.

In other Minecraft news, one very clever fan has been working on real-world modular Redstone devices that you absolutely must witness.

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