A Minecraft Player Built A Giant Oreo in 13 Days

It’s the evening before the late-night of The Game Awards, so I’m hitting y’all with the game journalism special: something fun I saw on Reddit. There are plenty of cool Minecraft builds out there, but few so spectacularly devoted to unnecessary challenges as this giant Oreo. It was built out of concrete. In survival mode.

Yes, streamer NomALlama spent 13 days gathering materials and building this ridiculous monument to branded sweets with all the constraints of a survival run. The closest thing to a ‘cheat’ would be a few material donations from other players on the server. In the end, it’s constructed of 46,727 blocks of concrete.

And yeah, a survival mode build means that the entire thing is filled with candles on the inside, to keep mobs from spawning. As NomALlama explains on Reddit, “my next plan for Oreo builds is none because I’m never doing that to myself again”. Noble words. Take care of yourself.

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