A New Minecraft Mod Now Has Mario Kart

Minecraft is an incredible sandbox game that allows players to do nearly anything they can imagine. That’s just the base version of the game too; when you start looking into the world of Minecraft mods it becomes even more fantastical, as this Mario Kart mod shows. You can have little gameplay changes like being able to ride on a phantom, introduce visual adjustments like making the mobs into Lego figures, or even make the game feel brand-new by changing how bosses work.

Thanks to a new mod, you can also now enjoy the pleasure of Mario Karts in Minecraft too. Cirelectric, who also made the aforementioned Lego mod, is back on Reddit again posting about their “Standard Kart Resource Pack.” It’s based on Mario Kart, which is pretty obvious, but has a few key differences to keep things interesting.

Our favourite little tweak is the fact that if you land in water, a propeller appears on the back of your vehicle to help keep your kart moving. It’s a lovely little detail that helps to make it all feel a bit more believable, and it also means that if you’re the kind of person that likes to design race courses, this pack will allow you to make them amphibious race tracks.

You can download the mod on Curseforge, where Cirelectric explains the kinds of wood they used to make the karts and which characters the different karts relate to. It even explains that the steering wheel, wheels, and brakes actually work. It should make a great little addition to multiplayer sessions, or just as a novel way to get around your world if you’re bored of walking.

If you’re more interested in official Minecraft news than fan-made adjustments, then have you heard of Mojang’s new Minecraft strategy game Minecraft Legends yet or read all about the crafting game’s latest Minecraft 1.19 The Wild update which was recently released?

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