A Redditor Built A Minecraft Redstone Device, and Now It’s a Real Thing

People have attempted to create items from the video game Minecraft in real life in the past, such as Lego piston replicas. But it’s not like you could ever construct gadgets and devices out of redstone, the mystical substance that can do just about anything. But is it?

A Redditor called Hecbac has been building these devices for over two years now and has come out with some impressive things as a result. Some of their early work involves things like dispensers, but they eventually moved on to making the redstone systems modular. This makes it work in much the same way as it does in the game.

Hecbac’s latest post shows off a full, working circuit, a device that stops a very cute little sheep, and triggers the block and some surprisingly powerful pistons. The end of the video also shows a variety of different blocks from previous videos, although we’re pretty sure the TNT is just a standard block. It’s all very impressive, and all the more so as this is something Hecbac does in their spare time.

The modular nature of Heblac’s constructions could easily be turned into a full range of toys, but they’ve also previously said that monetising it would take away the joy of creativity. For now, we’ll all just have to look on in awe at these Minecraft redstone creations, and admire as they become more complicated and impressive. As ever, the skill of the Minecraft community is something to continues to impress.

In other news, an incredible new adventure was released yesterday called Spellcraft that adds in new enemies and a spell system. Better yet, it’s free.

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