A Sony Former Employee Sues Sony For Gender Discrimination

A former employee of Sony has filed a lawsuit against the business.

Former PlayStation employee and IT Security Analyst for Sony has filed a sexual discrimination lawsuit against the company through the state of California. The former Sony employee alleged that the company did not fairly compensate women equally to male employees and that they were subjected to discriminatory practices.

Emma Majo, the plaintiff, joined Sony in 2015. Majo claims that directors and managers such as Yu Sugita would “not be alone in a room with a female with the door closed” and allegedly would be ignored if a male were in the room as well. Majo described that this discrimination ran deep in the company, so much so that she had to go through male coworkers even if they were lower in the company.

Majo also added in the lawsuit that other female employees of Sony were consistently denied promotions and equal compensation to male employees even when holding the same position and titles. She claims that following her attempt to send a statement to Sony regarding the gender bias, she soon after received a letter of termination.

The plaintiff is seeking to upgrade the lawsuit to a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the other women at Sony who shared similar experiences and discrimination. This news comes amidst the massive lawsuit sweeping across Activision Blizzard, also accused of sexual misconduct and denying promotion opportunities. Most recently, CEO Bobby Kotick has announced that he is considering leaving his position at Activision Blizzard. Sony’s PlayStation Chief recently criticized Kotick, though now must deal with allegations within their own company.

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