AL Mazrah Master: One Warzone 2 Streamer is So Good an NFL Superstar is Tuning in to Learn His Secrets

On a recent edition of the Squad Cast podcast, NFL star speedster Tyreek Hill had some complimentary things to say about one specific Warzone 2 streamer, which prompted the content producer to share the news on social media.

The Miami Dolphins wide receiver says he’s a fan of JoeWo because the streamer “plays CoD and wins a lot, so I have been trying to learn his techniques and stuff.” And why not? JoeWo “The Movement King” has earned well over $150,000 in tournament winnings in the battle royale so far in his CoD career.

The clip circulated back to JoeWo himself, who tweeted it out this afternoon. He called the compliment “gas from the world’s fastest man.” And Hill is indeed quite fast, boasting a 40-yard dash time of 4.29 seconds, and the social media handle “Cheetah.”

Hill is no ‘noob’ in the gaming sphere either. His Soulrunner clothing brand has a gaming arm called Soulrunner Gaming, and he’s previously visited the 100 Thieves compound, among other gaming crossovers.

All that’s left now is for Hill and JoeWo to team up for some duos on Al Mazrah, which could easily happen soon if the Dolphins are unable to make the playoffs by winning this weekend’s final game of the year.

With one game left in Hill’s season, the star receiver currently boasts 117 receptions for 1,687 yards, both second in the league, to go with his seven touchdowns on the year. He was selected to his seventh Pro Bowl this year.

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