Alan Wake 2 release date revealed ahead of time by voice actor

The voice actor who plays the game’s title character accidently gave away the approximate date that Alan Wake 2 will be released during an interview. Although Alan Wake 2 was initially expected this year, the release date has now been lowered.

While this is by no means a true confirmation of the Alan Wake 2 release date as it isn’t officially from developer Remedy, the voice actor who plays Alan Wake saying as much gives us a pretty good indication of the release date.

“That’s supposed to come out in October, we’re in the middle of working on it now,” Alan Wake voice actor Matthew Porretta says. “In fact, I was just in Finland last week, where the company Remedy is from, amazing people.”

You can hear the quote at around 16:50 in the recent Monsters, Madness and Magic interview below.

With Porretta giving away the release date here we can expect some sort of update from Remedy in the coming days, as earlier this year the developer said Alan Wake 2 was “playable start to finish” and followed that up recently by saying it would still be out this year.

Do keep in mind that the performance of Alan Wake himself actually comes down to two people, as Porretta does the voicework, while Ilkka Villi does the 3D modeling, performance capture, and live-action snippets of Wake. So if you’ve been a little confused when seeing both names appear online in regard to Alan Wake, that’s why.

October does make some sense too, if only because it’s a horror game and October is officially spooky season. Even the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is coming out then, and that looks pretty good.

I’m most excited to see what Remedy does with this extended universe of games though, now that it’s confirmed that Control and Alan Wake take place in the same universe. While interconnected universes are all the rage these days, it looks like Remedy isn’t going to have everything crossover all the time for the sake of it, so the few times they do could be very interesting.

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