Among Us Matchmaking Fix is in The Works

According to developer Innersloth, an Among Us matchmaking fix is “in the works.” This comes as a response to complaints about the social deduction game having too many servers dedicated to roleplaying, with no way to tell them apart from regular game servers.

In a post titled “about ready to quit” on Reddit, user TheRealDarkloud aired a few grievances, while admitting they are new to Among Us. “Why is it that 3/4ths of the servers are only for roleplayers,” one reads, “resulting in people who want to play the game being booted immediately from the lobby?”

Developer Innersloth actually replied to answer a few of these criticisms. Regarding the servers, the team says it understands player frustration in this matter. “It’s one of those instances where we want to fix the public matchmaking,” it states. “This is a larger task than just ‘put people together in a lobby at random,’ but it’s in the works!”

Innersloth also confirms that the annoying O2 glitch that’s apparently been around since the April Fools update is “in our bugs list” for fixing too. “The team is definitely working really hard on getting fixes and content out all the time,” it adds. “We want people to enjoy our game. We don’t want people to be unhappy.” The team is also working on getting a public support page up for better bug reporting.

In other Among Us news, Innersloth shares some details about the cancelled Among Us 2, and the proper collaboration with Fortnite is finally out.

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