Among Us: There Will Be Friend Lists in 2022

What’s coming to Among Us in 2022 has been revealed by Innersloth. There are significant additions on the way, like as a new map and mode, but there are also some pleasant quality-of-life changes coming soon, as well as a goddamn friend list.

“I know, I know, you’ve been asking for a friend list for ages! It’s happening!” community director Victoria Tran says. “Finally, you’ll be able to keep in contact with any crewmates you get along with … or keep tabs on your greatest enemies, I guess? We know a ton of you have found some lifelong friendships from this game, and that’s really cool – we want to allow you to keep in touch and continue playing games together!”

Tran goes on to explain that quality-of-life tweaks will aim to make account creation, Cosmicube redemption, chat choice, and other aspects of the game less confusing. “You’re basically experiencing the building of Among Us and our adjustment to its popularity with us,” Tran says. “That being said, confusing you isn’t the goal, so making improvements to the UX is also coming up next. Thanks for being patient with us!”The best dinosaur games on PC | PCGamesN

You’re also getting Ghostface cosmetics soon, which you may recognize from the popular series Scream – imagine that, getting done in by a hooded figure while trying to empty some bins in Among Us. The goodies will be free, and are coming “soon”.

Later this year, we’re also getting a new map, hide-and-seek mode, and more roles. Innersloth says there will be more collaborations, too, so stay tuned for those.

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