Astralis Dash Through the Fastest Game in LEC Spring Split to Secure Group Stage Spots for Two Teams

Astralis quickly defeated Excel on the second-to-last day of the Split’s regular season to earn a berth in the 2023 LEC Spring Split Group Stage. As a result, Astralis gave Vitality a ticket to the next round of the competition as well.

Astralis brought out their A-game in a crucial match against Excel and won after only 22 minutes on the Rift, closing out the fastest game of the Split so far. They controlled the map and its neutral objectives from the very beginning, conquering first blood alongside the first drake and the first tower of the match. Astralis’ prowess and the impact of COVID on the Excel squad made this a one-sided affair.

Despite Excel initiating several fights and skirmishes across the Rift, it was Astralis who ultimately capitalized on the clashes time and time again. Only seventeen minutes into the game, Astralis had already taken down all Tier 2 towers of their opponents, leaving only the inner towers in defense of Excel’s base.

The synchronized engages and cohesive teamfighting strategies helped Astralis to set and maintain the rhythm of the game. That was also possible thanks to LIDER’s masterful use of his Irelia, which, paired with 113’s Viego, proved to be an indestructible force against Excel.

With yet another teamfight in their favor closed around the Baron pit, Astralis shredded through Excel’s last defenses with the second Herald of the game. With only the Nexus’ towers still up, Excel put up one last fight that unfortunately never saw its end as Astralis completed their speedrun to the victory screen.

Excel still has one more chance to make it to the next stage of the competition. But their fate is now not only in their hands as other teams might make it to the Group Stage before Excel even has a chance to play for the tiebreak.

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