Bad Showing: One of the Strongest Dota 2 Regions is Faltering at the Lima Major

China’s status as a Dota 2 superpower has suffered as teams in the area struggle to stay up with their international rivals. This was particularly clear at the Lima Major, where two of the four Chinese teams finished worst and were eliminated.

While expectations for the region were low before the event, not many anticipated EHOME and Knights would bomb out of the tournament in last place while also facing match-fixing allegations.

With the rise of mobile gaming within the region, the Chinese Dota 2 scene has found itself facing an eventual decline in developing talent. As the region’s veterans retire, not many players have been able to rise to the occasion to fill their shoes.

The Chinese Dota 2 region’s weakening status has been a hot topic of debate among the local community members, and Team Aster addressed the situation during The International 2022. Aster remain the only Chinese team in the upper bracket of the Lima Major, while PSG.LGD find themselves in the lower bracket, a single series away from elimination.

LGD’s less-than-ideal start to the main event might not be all doom and gloom for Chinese Dota 2 fans, however. LGD hadn’t started an international event in the lower bracket since 2018, according to well-known esports statistician Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen, and the last time they did, LGD went on to win the whole event with a 12-1 record.

In the upper bracket, Aster will be facing a roaring Gaimin Gladiators squad featuring NA’s Quinn Callahan, while LGD will be waiting for the loser of Team Spirit and Shopify Rebellion. The Lima Major’s main event will start on Feb. 28.

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