Beyond the Summit Returns to Dota 2 Production to Save Struggling DPC SA 2023 Broadcast

With their own renowned The Summit series and participation in numerous other incredible events over the years, Beyond the Summit was one of the most devoted and long-running Dota 2 broadcasters in the history of the esports industry.

It made it all the more surprising when they told Dota fans Valve no longer wanted to work with them in 2023, and potentially forever, according to co-founder David “LD” Gorman.

But after the DPC SA 2023 English broadcast had a catastrophic opening week marred by production issues from audio cutouts, botched transitions, and talent stepping down, analyst Muriëlle “Kips” Huisman confirmed Beyond the Summit has stepped in. “Ladies and gentlemen, after a lot of scrambling and salvage work, I’m very happy to say Beyond the Summit has helped to give the SA DPC a home for the rest of Tour 1!” she said.

The other co-founder of Beyond the Summit, Australian caster David “GoDz” Parker, said the company is “happy to do what we can to support the Dota 2 scene,” especially South America. He also thanked the Brazilian branch of the company, BTSBrazil, for having an instrumental role in making the production happen.

The community was thrilled to see Beyond the Summit return to Dota 2 production once again. The fact they willingly stepped in on a whim to rectify the situation despite their issues with Valve before the season began speaks volumes about their passion and dedication to the esport they helped popularize, and it was sorely missed.

Since Valve decided to cut ties with them beforehand, it probably won’t last beyond the first tour, but it could bode well for BTS if Valve ever decides to change its mind.

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