Call of Duty Warzone Gulag Guide – New Gulag Rooms and Features

What exactly is the Warzone Gulag? In Warzone, the Gulag serves as a sort of intermediate state. In this battle royale game, when you get eliminated, you have a single opportunity to respawn by winning a one-on-one confrontation in the Gulag. If you emerge victorious, you re-enter the game immediately. However, if you lose, your sole chance for redemption lies in whether your team can afford to pay for your revival.

Whether you’re a newcomer exploring the new Urzikstan map or a returning player for the latest season, there are certain mechanics to understand as Warzone Season 1 unfolds, especially since the Warzone Gulag has undergone changes once again. Seasoned players may be pleased to know that the original three-lane design has made a comeback, but now, upon entering the Gulag, you may spawn in one of several randomly assigned rooms with distinct objectives. While this introduces an element of uncertainty regarding what awaits you after death, our guide to the Warzone Gulag can provide assistance.

What is the Warzone Gulag?

The Warzone Gulag gives you one chance to respawn into the battle royale game. If and when you are first killed, you’ll go head-to-head with one other player instead of being completely removed from the game. The winner respawns into the match, while the loser gets sent to spectator mode.

If you are playing solos, unfortunately, your game is over if you lose the gulag. In a squad match, however, you still have a chance as long as at least one teammate is alive. If your surviving team has enough money, they can pay for you to respawn at a Buy Station.

Warzone Gulag rooms

There are now a variety of different rooms you can find yourself in when taken to the gulag. Usually, you find yourself in the standard gulag, but a selection of rarer rooms have a chance to generate instead, such as the cash grab or night vision gulags. You can see both of these just after two hours into the CoD Next stream above.

The standard gulag will appear most of the time. This changes back to the original three-lane structure of the Warzone gulag, giving you the choice to go straight down the middle or take a stealthy route down one side. In a new change though, if both contenders stay alive long enough an ascender drops down into the middle of the map – we’ve got more on this below.

The rare, alternative gulag rooms give additional goals or require different skills. The examples we’ve seen so far are the cash grab gulag and the night vision gulag. The cash grab gulag is as simple as it sounds: while trying to take out your opponent, you can pick up large amounts of cash off the ground – survive, and you take it back into the game with you. The night vision gulag meanwhile has you shrouded in darkness. Be careful, as your weapon’s laser gives your location away more than in the normal gulag, so you might choose to stay in the shadows and shoot from the hip.

Warzone Gulag Ascender

The ascender gives you a new way to try and escape the Warzone gulag. After a set amount of time, an ascender drops into the center of the room. If you successfully get to the top of the rope, you can escape the gulag without having to kill your opponent. That said, it puts you at a disadvantage as your foe could take you out on your way up. If the ascender drops, it’s up to you whether to bait your enemy out and wait for them to go for the ascender first, or try it yourself and hope they don’t hit you on the way up.

Our work’s done in preparing you for whichever Warzone gulag you find yourself in in the battle royale game. The rest is up to you as you can’t take your best Warzone guns into the gulag, so we hope your aim is on point. As you save up to buy your best Warzone loadouts in each match, you can always use those early scuffles for practice.

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