Cdl Faces Another Replay Controversy in Seattle vs. New York Match at 2023 Major One

During today’s winners bracket round two match between the Seattle Surge and New York Subliners at Major One, the series’ third map ended in a controversial manner when New York’s HyDra seemingly dealt with a controller issue in the final seconds of the last round. Seattle ended up winning the map 3-2, but a lengthy technical delay followed that was reminiscent of another El Asilo Control controversy earlier this month involving OpTic Texas during the online qualifiers for this event.

This situation was different from the OpTic vs. Minnesota RØKKR scenario, though, which involved a bug with the SAE killstreak. In that match, OpTic won the El Asilo Control 3-2 but Cammy was seemingly stuck and unable to move at the end of the match. The league ruled that the map would need to be replayed but OpTic refused, resulting in them forfeiting.

In today’s scenario, HyDra appeared to face a controller issue in the closing seconds of the match as Seattle’s Pred captured the final Control zone. Thus, the league’s official ruling was that this was a “player-provided equipment issue” and a replay was not awarded, allowing Seattle to hold onto their 2-1 series lead. Seattle eventually closed out the series with a 3-1 win following the technical delay.

Though the two replay controversies early in the Modern Warfare 2 CDL season inconsequentially both happened on El Asilo Control, the big difference lies in the nature of the issues. The OpTic vs. Minnesota situation dealt with an in-game bug, while the New York vs. Seattle scenario was seemingly due to a player controller issue. Regardless, some fans can’t help but question the differing rulings, despite the contrasting circumstances surrounding the two matches.

With Seattle’s victory over New York, the Surge will move on to face the Atlanta FaZe in the winners bracket finals of Major One. New York will drop down to the losers bracket, where they’ll face the Vegas Legion later tonight.

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