Ceb Owns Up To Awful Tundra Prediction With Meme-worthy Tribute

Players can offer predictions for teams in other places besides the Dota 2 battle pass. When Tundra Esports removed Fata from their squad at the start of the 2021–2022 DPC season, OG’s Ceb issued a prediction on social media, claiming that the roster change would go down as one of the worst in the history of the game.

Though it looked like Ceb might have been onto something as Tundra crashed out of all the Major events they attended with the new squad, his prediction was proven wrong in the harshest way possible after Tundra won TI11.

It didn’t take long for fans to dig up Ceb’s old tweet after Tundra lifted the Aegis, and the two-time TI winner addressed the situation on OG’s Monkey Business Show.

OG had already printed out Ceb’s tweets, and they also had two printed clown emojis with them. N0tail and Ceb lifted the tweet up in the air and put the emojis on their head, as “Ceb’s gift to Tundra for winning TI11.” Tundra’s present would also include a retweet by Ceb of his false prediction.

Despite being on the wrong side of history at the beginning of the year, Ceb and n0tail have been predicting Tundra would make it far in TI11. The two believed that Tundra have been sharpening a unique style of Dota that was hard to counter.

The two-time TI champions also expressed how difficult it has been to play against Tundra during TI11 as the team had a way of accomplishing complete map dominance early in the game, which made it virtually impossible for teams to come back against them.

Regardless of their previous style, most teams who were expected to put up a fight against Tundra found themselves on the sidelines and watched them take over the series. Fans were stunned to see a 3-0 sweep in the finals. During the finals, it was clear Secret were genuinely puzzled and couldn’t counter Tundra.

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