Chamber: Valorant’s New Character’s Abilites In Action Are Revealed In Videos

Release Date
November 16, 2021

Riot Games has released new gameplay footage highlighting Chamber’s abilities, providing VALORANT fans with a taste of what’s to come.

Chamber is the upcoming sentinel agent with a focus on gunplay that takes a different approach to holding sites. His abilities are perfect for aggressive players wanting to take the fight to the enemy. And the new gameplay footage shows just how deadly Chamber can be in the right hands.

Players can use Chamber’s business card to activate the Rendezvous ability, allowing Chamber to place two teleport anchors. The clip shows Chamber placing one anchor near the switch on B site on Ascent and the other in Boathouse. When the player hears enemies approaching their position, they teleport out of the site and secure two easy kills. 

Another clip show Chamber’s two weapon-based abilities, Headhunter and Tour de Force, in action. The player is holding Nest on Breeze and equips Chamber’s Tour de Force ultimate ability, causing a fancy golden rifle to appear. They kill one enemy with a well-placed shot before using the Headhunter’s ability to pull out a golden heavy pistol. This weapon comes with eight shots and the player had little trouble killing a second enemy with only two bullets. 

Fans also got to see Chamber’s Trademark ability, which detects and slows enemies caught in its field. Chamber was holding B Heaven on Split when two enemies pushed into the site. The Trademark ability notified the player about an enemy creeping into the site, slowing them when they got too close. The player killed the first enemy, but the opposing Jett dashed into the site. Chamber has a second Trademark ability, though, allowing him to slow and track multiple enemies. The clip ends with Chamber killing a second enemy and holding the site without issue. 

The new gameplay footage is just a taste of what fans can expect from Chamber. His kit can be used differently in every situation and creative players can pull off exciting plays with ease. 

Chamber is set to become available in VALORANT on Nov. 16.

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