Children of Morta: Gets an Online Co-op on Valentine’s Day

Children of Morta is one of the last generation’s most amazing hidden gems, but the cooperative dungeon crawler lacks a much-requested feature: internet play. Playing with a local friend has been fun, but this Valentine’s Day, you may now play with distant friends – or perhaps a sweetheart. That is, assuming you’re using a PC.

On February 14, the long-promised online two-player co-op option finally makes its way into the Steam version game. Don’t worry, console players: the feature is coming to PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch, but developer Dead Mage doesn’t have a timetable on when that will happen. In a press release, the team states it wants to ensure online play functions well on PC before rolling it out elsewhere. 

Online co-op comes via The Fellowship Sanctuary update, the final piece of content of its eight-piece DLC roadmap. That means 11bit will be wrapping up major support for the game which was first released in October 2019 to a 9 out of 10 review score from us here at Game Informer. The dungeon-crawling action game centers on a large family of warriors, all of whom are playable, who must fight back an evil corruption. 

In his review of the game, Editor-in-Chief Andrew Reiner wrote “I can’t stress just how smartly made Children of Morta is. The narrative flows smoothly in and out of dungeons, the characters have real-life to them, and the gameplay is enthralling and has those addictive qualities that make you just want to keep leveling everyone up. In the 15-plus hours I invested in this adventure, I was thoroughly captivated by everything Dead Mage set out to achieve. The way family comes together for the final conflict is truly impressive.”

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