COD League’s 2023 Championship Weekend & Major 4 Locations Still Undecided,

The 2023 Championship Weekend of the Call of Duty League is planned to take place in Las Vegas, according to a report by Dexerto. For the first time, the annual event, which has typically taken place in Los Angeles, would send Call of Duty participants to Vegas. This season, the desert town’s own CDL squad, the Vegas Legion, was also welcomed.

In a new community update, CoD esports general manager Daniel Tsay confirmed that the locations for both CoD Champs and Major Four are still being figured out. Major Four was originally supposed to take place in New York but has been forced to find a new home.

The league, according to Dexerto, has been trying to have one of the teams host Major Four, but “with budget concerns from the teams and the league itself, they look set to head to Columbus, Ohio,” although it’s obviously not been made official yet.

Tsay also said that the league is considering numerous options for Major 4, including hosting it online or from a central LAN location with no fans in attendance.

Major One took place in Raleigh, North Carolina, while this weekend’s Major Two will be hosted by the Boston Breach. Major Three will be hosted by OpTic Texas, and Major Five will be hosted by the Toronto Ultra to close out the regular season.

CDL’s Major Two is set to begin tomorrow, albeit with some potential complications due to several teams facing traveling problems due to severe weather in Texas.

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