CS:GO How To Set Up a Custom Game

While CS:GO is a fantastic game, it is also extremely competitive and does not give you much of a break. You’re thrown into the deep end as a novice, and without the ability to train, you’re bound to get flamed… or are you? You’re not one of them! Because CS:GO allows you to create your own custom games. In this article, we will take a look at how to do that.

Custom games

A custom game can be made with or without bots, but whatever you choose, you have to go to the main menu. When you press on the big play-button, you will be bombarded by multiple options to choose a map, a mode and whatnot. Pay no attention to that. Instead, if you look at the top left of this new menu, you will see the text Official Matchmaking. If you click this, a dropdown menu will open up.

Here you can choose two options that will suit your needs: either Practice With Bots or Workshop Maps. The first option allows you to play on the official maps, and setting up the bots to your preference. They can be either very forgiving, or excruciatingly difficult to play against.

The other option, Workshop Maps, allows you to download custom maps from the internet and practice on these maps. They can be extremely varied, but one of the most popular ones is a shooting range that you can use to take out as many bots as you want and practice your shooting.

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