Cyberpunk 2077 Mod Now Has Better Gpu Visuals

AMD FSR 2.0 is compatible with Cyberpunk 2077 thanks to modders’ efforts and the program’s open-source nature. Despite not being optimised for the dystopian shooter, the third-party upscaling solution could assist gaming PCs improve image quality at a little performance cost.

Tested by Techpowerup, the Cyberpunk 2077 mod uses existing Nvidia DLSS files to enable AMD FSR 2.0 support, as it piggybacks off of its competitor’s algorithm. The publication notes that all DLSS-compatible releases should, in theory, support the FSR mod, but some games will require manual tweaking.

Using FSR 2.0 does come with performance caveats, but the software still enables players to boost fps and enhance image quality. Techpowerup notes marginal frame rate drops compared to FSR 1.0, something that results in noticeably sharper visuals. Unfortunately, the mod also includes some quirks, as driving a car produces a ghosting effect.

Cyberpunk 2077 is already compatible with Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR, but the 2.0 upgrade could help more players enhance the game. It’s worth noting the green team’s upscaler only works on RTX graphics cards, so the inclusion of FSR 2.0 is a boon for older, but capable GeForce GPUs like GTX 1080.

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